Saturday, February 10, 2007

Geocache February - Another Find

Today was our monthly GC day. We didn't venture too far from home again, but that's okay. I was excited to go romping around the woods with cameras and GPS in tow. It had been a few weeks since our last cold adventure and today promised to be much warmer. I like warmer. The GC we attempted today was VERY easy to find-- literally taking 5 minutes to find. Three of those minutes were spent bundling up after we got out of the car. is a great website with all sorts of GC locations to download. They also give a little information about the GC and even a little hint if you want it. I think it might be wise of us to not look at the hint - as in this case we knew where to look before we even got to the coordinates. All the same we had a good time walking around the park.

Again, I took some images of our day. They can be found here.

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