Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is Geocaching?

I guess I have sort of made this hobby of ours public - and for good reason. I think Geocaching is a great little sport. Its a fun game that involves electronic gadgets, can be done almost anywhere, gets us outside and walking around and beyond anything else is a nice way to spend an afternoon with my wife. What isn't to like. So those who don't understand why one would like to do this can have their opinion. Meanwhile, we are going to keep looking for little boxes.

Geocaching.com is the authority, IMHO, about the hobby. I will let them maintain the FAQ. Here's my take on the hobby.

Geocaching in simple terms:
Step 1. Get GPS unit
Step 2. Download location of "geocache" and load on GPS
Step 3. Walk around woods, town or elsewhere looking for location of Geocache
Step 4. Find Geocache, Open, Leave name in log - trade little trinket if desired
Step 5. Replace Geocache, go forth a bit more merry.

Now what is a geocache? Its usually a small watertight container that someone hides for others to find.

Why do Shani and I enjoy this? Why not. It's a chance to pay with a toy (GPS) while walking around the woods and enjoying each others company.

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